This section provides access to legal documents that are specifically related to Environmental and Social Impact Assessment.

 Provincial Regulation  Description

Cree Naskapi Act

The Cree-Naskapi (of Quebec) Act deals exclusively with Category IA and Category IA-N lands and local governments on such lands. Category IA lands were lands transferred from the Province of Québec to the Government of Canada for the exclusive use and benefit of the James Bay Cree bands. Category IA-N lands are Naskapi band lands of the same nature.

James Bay Northern Québec Agreement

The James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA) is one of Canada's first modern land claim settlements. Signed in 1975, it fulfills a commitment to deal with land issues dating back to the late 1800s.

Québec Environment Quality Act

This Act sets out regulatory guidelines for environmental aspects including: water, air, hazardous materials, and environmental impact assessment.

Québec Environment Quality Regulations

Regulations under the Environment Quality Act apply sections of the Act in a more defender manner.

Regulation respecting the application of the Environment Quality Act

This regulation applies the Article 22 of the Environmental Quality Act which prohibits any release of contaminants to the environment. It also explains the Certificate of Authorisation.

Regulation respecting the environmental and social impact assessment and review procedure applicable to the territory of James Bay and Northern Québec

This regulation clarifies objectives and terms of an environmental Impact and Social Assessment in the James Bay territory and Northern Québec.

Regulation respecting certain bodies for the protection of the environment and social milieu of the territory of James Bay and Northern Québec

The regulation provides information on how advisory committees on the environment function for the James Bay Territory and Northern Québec.

Regulation respecting environmental impact assessment and review

The regulation lists projects subject to an environmental impact assessment. It also specifies the procedure to follow as described in the Environmental Quality Act.

Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

The Act requires federal departments, including Environment Canada, agencies, and crown corporations to conduct environmental assessments for proposed projects where the federal government is the proponent. It also requires environmental assessments when the project involves federal funding, permits or licenses.