December 2002

A close call with a tanker truck carrying diesel fuel occurred in Waskaganish on November 5, 2002. The truck slipped off the road and flipped in front of the lodge. Fortunately, in the five hours the truck was flipped over, the seals held and there was no spillage. The jaws of life were used to open up the tank and transfer the fuel to another truck.

Wemindji's new incinerator will soon be operational, probably by January 2003. The building has been erected and the incinerator is being installed. Currently, open pit burning is used to deal with solid waste in the community and this has been a serious problem because the easterly winds bring the smoke into the community aggravating respiratory problems. The new incinerator is located approximately 1 km northeast of the community and is expected to perfrom better than current regulations. An effects monitoring program will be implemented.

Exporation work a two sites near Lake Iberville, northeast of Whapmagoostui, has indicated potential diamond resources. This was announced last week, and the internet sites to visit for more information are: and

Nemaska LEA, Matthew Tanoush is looking to produce a pamphlet that will inform community members on what should not be disposed of in their sinks and toilets. Food grease is a particular problem that affects the sewage treatment process.

Project activity has slowed down in Mistissini LEA, Elijah Awashish expects that it will be quiet until March when the various departments decide what projects they will be undertaking in the coming year.

In Waswanipi, LEA Derrick Neeposh is in the process of establishing environmental by-laws for the community. Such by-laws including a ban on parking heavy machinery on residential lots and a by-law on drinking water (modelled after Eastmain). Derrick is also in the process of drafting up an ISO 14 000 certification program to enable the forestry company, MISTHUK, to become certified.